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Commodity purchasing online shopping PK largest supermarket which cost-effective

the past few years high-speed e-commerce development with a variety of media focus on advocacy to consumers caused by a subjective impression that is, net purchases of goods certainly better than the cheap shopping, but in reality not for price holders clothes, bags high value-added products could online shopping will be cheaper but for example, drink fruit daily necessities and other goods supermarket prices cheaper than the online consumer, supermarket purchases and online shopping for people who love online shopping at the same time according to actual situation Select a different way to the consumer to be able to achieve the purpose of saving money
    In theory, lower network operating costs than the store operating costs because so many field service personnel can be implemented intensive large-scale operation and china data strip management of high store rents but network operators such as Jingdong Mall mode logistics costs accounted for a significant proportion of large-scale electronic network operators in order to achieve the best logistics experience effects even hesitate to spend heavily in building their own logistics and distribution system the cost of building and operating expenses will be apportioned to the overall cost that affect the pricing is actually through the thin will find online shopping a lot of things is not how much or cheap a few dollars cheaper than the store even a price strip supplier few dollars this price may not be able to really impress consumers, but for network operators to because they take the amount of large-scale concessions in accordance with one percentage point a year in sales for several hundred million dollars but a price for the consumers there is not much irritation
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