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Supermarket bar code made a mistake consumers more giving money

14, the people Lee scored newspaper Hotline 2323456 said : Not long ago , she was in City , Jiahe Road, a large supermarket bought a price of 28.8 yuan a certain brand of yogurt , you can the supermarket was close 45.5 yuan, overcharged 16.7 yuan . In this regard, supermarket explained bar code made a mistake.
"Buy a bottle of only a 2,24 bottle of one it took more than 40 dollars , I'm angry . " Ms. Lee said angrily , , Jiahe Road, a supermarket yogurt there is chaos price of the phenomenon of . She said she and several friends to the supermarket to buy things , see the original 2 million of a certain brand of yogurt , after the discount labels price of 1.2 yuan a box of , a 24- bottle as long as 28.8 yuan . So she bought one. Lee left the after the discovery of shop a small ticket on yogurt price of 45.5 yuan, let her anger, not a just 28.8 yuan , how became 40 yuan of it " general to the supermarket shopping number of more , many people do not calculate the price Awareness and habits, supermarket occurs this error hard to find , it's clear to deceive consumers. " Ms. Lee said. The supermarket , a responsible person, the yogurt original price of 45.5 yuan a , after the discount sold only 28.8 yuan , because the supermarket related personnel did not promptly replaced bar code the price was a result of this phenomenon. for the supermarket is not in time Corrected price of price strip the problem , the responsible person failed to answer, but claimed that he could return , you can also Tuibu difference.

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