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Supermarket bar code went wrong consumers give money

14 people reached the newspaper hotline 2323456 Ms. Lee said: Not long ago, she was a large supermarket , Jiahe Road, City bought a price of 28.8 dollars a brand yogurt, can the supermarket has collected 45.5 yuan , the revenue generated by 16.7 yuan . This , explained supermarket price strip made a mistake.
"Buy a bottle of bottle of one only a 2,24 it took more than 40 dollars , I'm angry . " Ms. Lee said angrily , Jiahe Road, there is yogurt in a supermarket price of the phenomenon of chaos . She said she and several friends to the supermarket to buy things , see the original two yuan for a certain brand of yogurt , discounted price of 1.2 yuan after the label box, a set of 24 bottles only 28.8 yuan . So , she bought one. Ms. Lee found out before the yogurt shop on a small ticket price of 45.5 yuan , made her not one as long as 28.8 yuan , how has it become more than 40 yuan , " the general to the large number of supermarket shopping , many people do not calculate the price Awareness and habits, supermarket hard to find this error occurs , obviously deceive the consumer . " Ms. Li said . The supermarket , a responsible person , the original price was 45.5 per piece of yogurt , sold only 28.8 yuan after discount , because the supermarket bar code related personnel did not change the price in time leads to this phenomenon. Supermarkets are not timely corrected price for bar code problems, the responsible person failed to answer, but claimed that he could return , you can also Refund the difference .

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