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Lawrence bicycle shops gear up for more sales with warmer weather

As the weather warms and gas prices soar, people begin trading four wheels for two to help save on fuel costs.

While spring is always busy for Cycle Works, 2121 Kasold Drive, the store was really hopping in the summer of 2008 when gas prices spiked to nearly $4, owner Gary Long said. He saw record-breaking sales monthly.

“And not just by a little bit,” Long said. “It was 45 percent.”

If you are looking to save money, getting on a bike isn’t always as simple or as inexpensive as you think. You have to find the bike that best suits your needs and then all of the gear that goes with it.

To help figure out just how much to spend and how far you have to ride to make the investment pay off, we’ve provided this bicycle-friendly guide.

The bells and whistles

We didn’t check on the price of whistles, but at Sunflower, bells start at $5. But that’s not all the gear and gadgets you can buy that will make your ride more comfortable and fun.

Baskets: $20 to $40

At Re-Cyclery, you can also buy used baskets and racks for $5 to $10.

Panniers: $30 to $40; pannier rack: $25 to $30

Panniers are great for carrying groceries, clothes or work supplies. They can be slung over a rank in the back of your bike.

Fenders: $30

Fenders prevent mud and water from splashing up off the back tire. This will prevent a price strip of brown from forming on the middle of your back when roads are wet.

Flat tire supplies: $14

The cold, hard truth of cycling is that one day you will get a flat tire. To keep from pushing your bike home, here are some supplies you should bring along: levers to remove tire ($3), new tire tubes ($5), patch kit ($3), air canisters to fill tire ($3).



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