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Drug anti-fakes use opportunely barcode using barcode found anti-fakes clues

At present, general merchandise barcode in our country most goods had been universal use, in the majority with general merchandise listed drug barcode. Therefore, the use of barcode discovery and identify counterfeit drugs also is relatively effective means.
Professional and strong, it is difficult to copy
General commodity barcode is composed of a set of regularly arranged "article", "empty" and its corresponding characters mark, which is used to represent certain information. Among them, "article" is barcode in the lower portion of the reflectivity, namely black stripes part; "Empty" is in high reflectance barcode part, namely white or colorless stripe parts.
Normally, in Chinese retail commodities price strip choose 13 digit code structure to say, and by four parts: left before starting to three patients are prefix number, namely the country code, by the international association of article numbering assigned to article numbering center of China, which is currently assigned to mainland China prefix 690 ~ 695 code is, After the prefix number 4 to 5 bits for manufacturers yards, represents a enterprise, has uniqueness, by article numbering center of China unified to apply for manufacturers distribution; Manufacturers yards after 5 to 4 for goods project code, according to the relevant regulations by manufacturers themselves distribution; Finally a for inspection yards, and verifies the other coding sequences.
General commodity barcode preparation and printing of a strong professional, it is easy to forget the maotai counterfeit drugs. General commodity barcode amplification coefficient is 0.8 ~ 2.00, self-identify one with amplification coefficient of variation and larger or smaller. Therefore, barcode printing smaller, request print the clearer degree is higher. Because shortened general commodity price strip affect conversational; they should not be optional docked short heights.







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