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ChaGuan attached barcode knowable tea growth course

Brush caddy of price strip, screen display instantly tea "growth blog", plenties pictures show how fertilization, pest control, weeding, picking, production, inspection, tea origin, farming incomplete inspection report at a glance. The near future, the "tea image production log system" will use in fujian tea industry.
Yesterday, ZhiGongDang central committee sponsored by China, the provincial department of science, ZhiGongDang fujian council undertaking strait BBS in fuzhou technology held. Cross-strait advanced manufacturing expert in the field, entrepreneurs are gathered here, have reached a cooperation agreement, a total of cross-strait cooperation projects signed technology and 20 signing total amount nearly 1.8 billion yuan, "tea growing blog" is one of the items.
It is reported, this system has from fujian technology department project support, and in zhangzhou peace county white bud qiqi orchid tea in use. This and zhangzhou company signed by the company in charge of fujian promotion. Expect in the future will be extended to tieguanyin tea.
Invention of this system is Taiwan magic digital information Co., LTD WuZhiCheng general manager. He said, the technology is Taiwan's department of agricultural projects, subsidies promotion farmers need only in the mobile phone software, then on mount in tea grows, production of every important node photography, the software will automatically resize the transmit data center, sorting and file. These pictures become tea origin, whether organic farming the most intuitionistic evidence. He says, is not only the tea, through development, this system can also be applied to the fruits, vegetables, production cultivation, category. There were "growth of agricultural products, blog" citizens "predecessor this world" of his hand, began to eat more at ease.
Yesterday's BBS, total from cross-strait manufacturing fields experts, scholars and entrepreneurs representing more than 300 people attended the opening ceremony, after six guests around Taiwan "advanced manufacturing and industrial design" theme, speech and exchanges.






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