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Egg crisp roll promotion businessman says mark mis-priced customer insist to buy

Citizens ms. Chen on November 21 reflect, 20 she work in a large supermarket see weight for 384 grams of boxed tingyi egg crisp coils in sales promotion, promotion price tag written on current 19.9 yuan, 9.6 yuan, promotional period for November 19 to November 30th. Think of grandfather in January to cross longevity, then put some snacks, feast need ms Chen decides to buy 160 box, unexpectedly supermarkets said no goods, ms. Chen think supermarket is think she receive much rather than sell her, "sales promotion originally the thin even losing money, so they will take no goods to feed me."
Just began, ms. Chen think price and promotion price too many, in order to verify, she let clerk take to scan the price price strip, found on the computer display price for 18.9 yuan, only less than the original price of $1, ms. Chen asked clerk exactly according to 960 yuan sold or 18.9 dollars sell, given the price tag on mark is 9.6 yuan, supermarket officials said to 960 yuan price can sell, and ms. Chen decided to purchase 160 box. Clerk told her inventory only 8 box. Ms. Chen was found about chief, said can pay money and wait for the goods to come again take. Faiyek said recent first supermarket in inventory, not for a while, and then replenish onr's stock supplier also didn't say. "Kang teacher so big brands, how might not goods? Just don't want to sell me, be afraid of losses it too much." Ms. Chen think promotion labels are not written every customer can only set limit to purchase, "if not enough goods is what want promotion? Still promotion so long time, not tease customer to play?
On November 21, reporter with ms. Chen came to the supermarket, and found that the goods promotion tag has become a 18.9 yuan. For availability and promotion price "emergency changes" problem, supermarket relevant principals said is indeed a stock is running out. "If is in promotional poster goods shipment date, we can not again additionally contact suppliers meet the requirement of consumer goods, but not the posters, if we sold out before maturity matter." As for price tag change, he says stores have no right to literally pricing and change the price, these are according to the Shanghai corporation's requirements, they supermarket just is in charge of the label on the corresponding commodity under it.
Ms. Chen thinks, whether the corporation's wrong or supermarket of wrong, but she shall lay at the sticker price $9.6 purchase 160 box, supermarket party thinks that such a cheap price is unlikely, but also does not have enough stock. Both sides have bogged down.
When contacted the supermarket of another branch, the other says kang teacher egg roll is indeed a crisp Shanghai headquarters in sales promotion, because the price purchasing department marking wrong, 19 and 20 promotion price for 960 yuan, found this error, the November 21 morning timely change over, so this products promotion price should be 18.9 yuan. Ms. Chen suggested that this was due to the supermarket corporation faults, the headquarters for the mistakes or supermarkets should bear the responsibility.







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