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Supermarket shopping barcode priced inconsistent

8 afternoon, consumers in a supermarket ms wang on the second floor buy a bag of special 5.7 yuan agaric. Home scrutinize price list just find after, agaric price is incredibly 17 yuan, than special expensive nearly 12 yuan.
Later, wang to the supermarket, begging for statement, supermarket researchers say there may be price strip error, or they may be the article are put fault. Ms. Wang told reporters: peacetime to supermarket comparison trust, and because each time the purchasing goods more, so shopping list hardly see. Don't know, before ever string price things. But this purchase so little things go wrong, didn't know difference?
Similarly, consumers in a supermarket, Mr Qin before shopping also be overcharged two yuan, the businessman explained as the price just adjustment, barcode no change in time, can give Mr Qin conveyance.
Supermarket bar code and priced inconsistencies, belong to what is the problem? Whether constitutes fraud? Consumers should receive any compensation or compensation, etc. Reporter with troubled consumer problem interviewed city disappear assist the complaint department minister letter wei, it was introduced, supermarket bar code inconsistent with price caused numerous fees issue to particular case is particular analysis. If businessmen the subjective intent, but mismanagement led to, such as commodity barcode stick wrong, cause "confusedly", promotion sale activity during and after business activity failed to achieve complete automation management, resulting in commodity information and business activities not synchronous errors, and should not be in accordance with clause punitive compensation, but should bear the fault brought to consumer loss. And if individual supermarket operator USES consumer to the supermarket shopping, large amounts of cashier once the check, playing in price not "ambush" subjective intent of sales, constitutes fraud, consumer can according to the provisions of XiaoFa get double compensation, supermarket other consumers must bear reasonable expenses. Meanwhile, the relevant administrative departments to supermarket defrauding consumers illegal act to implement administrative punishments.
City disappear assist warns customer, go to the supermarket shopping, we must pay special attention to the selected goods and goods shelves for the BiaoJiaPai number, if packing up everyday.if labeling price, best when the choose and buy the rate recorded; the pen -- The supermarket is on some goods by group (sets) sale, pay attention to, because leakage package materil ever after commodity price strip does not change, check-out scan is still group (sets) of the price, Old memories and computation ability are relatively poor, go to the supermarket shopping, each number is unfavorable buy too much, Be especially careful when ShouYinChu check whether the cashier repeat scanning, In the cashier hits, check goods after filings, unit price, total etc, if found doubt, must on the spot to the cashier is put forward, and make sure, avoid needless trouble.






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