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Kang teacher "classic bags face series" rise to increase our price by 10% each package 2.2 yuan

Before afterwards tingyi blessing, unity, with many brand instant noodles, will take 5 grams of raisins weight loss "lite" invisible way sadly after prices rise, instant fine again in October 31 releases announcement to say, since November 1, accounted for 30% of main products sales THHC "classical bags face series" the rise in the price by 10%, retail price will rise to $2 per pack 2.2 yuan, five dollar prices even pack will be around, tingyi its other instant noodles product prices remain unchanged.
Yesterday, reporters at the grand wal-mart the second floor to see, tingyi bags, draught, five even package price strip did not increase. But the instant noodles promoters very affirmation, said: "in the existing stock does not sell before completing temporary not adjust prices, but it has received company rises notice, then 10 yuan mention tingyi series five even bag would rise to $11 a mention; bags and barrels are rise 2 jiao. In addition, reporter from nanping street carrefour and other small supermarket all did not see instant fine prices.
Subsequently, kunming DingYi food Co., LTD is a staff member introduction, prices will be a fact, this also is the corporation's decision. Reasons for the rise is the main raw materials such as flour, palm oil, starch and other seasoning the price of raw materials has risen by, make do of instant noodles increased costs that only slightly adjusted. Price part instant noodles,
As we have learned, in 2007 the instant noodles price, tingyi had first five even rose $1.08 bag, when prices soon, uniform THHC brand will follow the instant noodles rise in price. So will trigger instant noodles THHC weeklong rise tide? Yesterday, reporters through kunming unified enterprise food Co., LTD consumer service hotline, staff, told reporters, unified the instant noodles near time not to put prices, but as for price if they would change after, that is unknown.






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