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How many supermarkets in play black is white

In the supermarket buy food after, often find the computer name of goods with his ticket on the conformity of item purchased by, or unit price "improve", or weight by "raise". No matter the supermarket is intentionally and unintentionally and play something fishy going to give all consumers caused opaque and being cheated. We hope that relevant department to strengthen supervision, reduce the price on the phenomenon of black is white, let common people spend too clearly. Cheng lady
Reporter investigation: price tag on black is white phenomenon, many customers are met. Enterprise community Mr Yang in the ma on shan road a big supermarket buy some DongHa, go home and found that the computer small print unexpectedly eel dry, unit price "tall", weight "little", Ms ma in apricot flowers near the park a supermarket also faced a similar situation, bread became "cake", xianggu mushroom became "agaric;" Green satisfying the Chen big ye in cooperative way prosperous supermarket buy special FengShuiLi, price for each kilogram 2 yuan, can be returned home, I found the computer print documents for the unit price is still 2.9 yuan, think cheat him repeatedly find supermarket diplomacy and eventually understand, original is supermarkets have taken "borrow" barcode for price way...
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter comes to visit some supermarkets. In jiuhua mountain road jia jia jie supermarket, tea galleries all kinds of tea bags full of beautiful things in eyes, exquisite packaging. But surprise, every tea bag packing plain have barcode, but were supermarket square with a handmade paper label up, label supermarket again the name, net weight will tea with price come again. Took a bag of sweet tea, packaging behind the hidden, supermarket price strip label on the stick to "huizhou name unexpectedly, weight and chrysanthemum piece" actual weight difference nearly doubled, unit price is to let person such as sank in the clouds. A bag of huizhou yellow buds behind the label "huangshan maofeng tea" name, and so the product price is unknown. Raw area, each kind of matched good dishes is put in freezer, was a surprising is, different materials are the dishes packaging stick "abstract" label, whether dishes lamb-based dish is green vegetables, meat or fish eggs XueCai, named it "x zhoujia". The most interesting is, one kind cries "tiger downhill" the dishes unexpectedly dozen "shanghui fat" tag name.
In the huangshan crossroads taikang optimal supermarket, bags packaged sugar orange and recoverying gong orange is very striking, but at a price tag you will jump out, some name is "grape", some name is "cloth forest", let a person befuddled, In drink area, the bags of packaged tea, chrysanthemum, medlar, sugar and lemon slice unified named "tea", these drinks are not their own names and real price, it is difficult to judge whether consumers buy expensive. In linquan road suguo supermarket, match pass price "the metonymy" phenomenon more, for instance: hairtail block, wool fish, shrimp packing print "birds on" the words, dry son with meat is dozen "leek yellow bean sprouts," the words.
In the interview, the reporter also found that some supermarket price the situation without all existing in huangshan crossing a supermarket, freezer there are all sorts of packaged dumpling, but price ticket still tied on but couldn't find, customer after payment was told, "missing" brand price is "will" brand etc are more expensive, but previously searched freezer is see "missing" card of price. In MengCheng road, ma on shan road, jiuhua mountain road of supermarket, still exists specials price "return", but the price tag and publicity but misdirect consumer phenomenon.








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