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Discount bombing, the businessman turn "the volunteer"

"Well, it is plainly consumer fraud last month I see prices is 500 yuan, now label but changed to 700 yuan, even on sale also than the original expensive!" ZhuMingFang is each department stores, in most women regulars of the prices of goods market, she understood yesterday when accepting a reporter to interview about recent several times to go shopping "result". "Or large stores? One of nine minutes of pants, blended last month to see the price is more than $530, recently label into 750 multivariate. If not CuXiaoQi, dozen 8 fold 10%, this pants also 420 multivariate. Now although beat six fold, but calculate down also want to 450 yuan, unexpectedly purchase more expensive than normal, you say that enrage people?"
ZhuMingFang said, in "circle" is already known as the "hidden rules" one. Some vendors manned of two or more sets of price strip. When a set of ordinary sales price tag, and by the promotion season discount strength increases, can be turned into another set of tags, due to seasonal goods adjustment period is shorter, and most people go shopping cycle and longer, so, a lot of people don't know most goods selling price, nature also don't know the issue.
A engaged in garment agent business of distributor to reporters, revealed that he used to also don't know thatthe knowledge, is a peer instills experience. "General clothing tag a price, this is factory set good suggested retail price. But these prices are generally use non-dry tape in tags, a tear came off, just make a batch of with yards scutcheon labeled bother.i can go, however, the price has a much higher. This is also in order to cope with the large stores forcibly promotion and ready. You know, we buckle point is original tall, again frequently promotion, a year come down almost every weekend there are greatly small promotion, plus the share of the advertising expenses, etc., profit really pitifully low, don't do this really want kui dead."


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