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Many liquor stores sell adulterated liquor sales

Metropolis Daily News (trainee reporter correspondent Li Xing Wang Hang) According to reports from the public, Municipal Bureau of Commerce yesterday in the urban areas of law enforcement detachment conducted operations adulterated liquor inventory, check the sale of alcohol more than 80 shops, and seized more than 250 bottles of suspected fake alcohol, 29 rectification notices issued, accounting for random shop Jinsi Cheng.
9 am, Municipal Bureau of Commerce Seven Mile Rd law enforcement officers to a nearby liquor store franchise, law enforcement officials have not yet entered, to see the clerk inside the 3 boxes of wine, house moving, one of them hiding in the toilet does not come out with a wine. By law enforcement officers after the explanation and publicity, the wine shop was out for inspection, examination revealed these wines are adulterated liquor.
It is understood that many counterfeit products are from the urban-rural small workshops flow out, those who only need a small hut, a liquor machines, you can create alcohol, put the bottle recycling or custom-made and foreign packaging, selling directly to stores, and such small workshops are often a shot somewhere else.
It is highly profitable, so this small workshop repeatedly play without a break. Calculations of law enforcement officers, ex-factory price of a genuine wine, 40 yuan, and the small workshop production, with Di Dangjiu filling, costs only 2.5 yuan, with recycled packaging and labor costs, a bottle of wine costs less than 8 yuan, then the price of 25 yuan sold to dealers, to reap huge profits, and some dealers are also willing to lower-price purchase and sale of such a pseudonym wine.
Yesterday, law enforcement officials said operations would continue liquor inventory, liquor sales currently on the market before consolidation, and then based on the clues gathered an inventory of the counterfeiting workshop, from the source to eliminate the presence of adulterated liquor. Also advised the public to the formal business to purchase alcoholic products.
How to identify wine Kana
1. Pull the trademark. Bottle at the security trademarks, brands of wine and a "Fragile standard", gently pull the mark will be shattered.
2. Read price strip. Bottleneck of logistics security code affixed, each bottle of wine is not the same, the same box of wine, logistics code is different.
3. Call. By phone or text message, call the security printing bottles inquiries, you can know that the wine is true or false.







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