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Two packets of "unification" of instant noodles by weight, not "uniform", the price is still "unifie

"Hey, how the same brand, same price of a packet of instant noodles is the two-weight 90 grams, the other is 85 grams." Yesterday afternoon, members of the public her to a supermarket to buy some of the urban area of instant noodles, to take home, they found such a Xiqiao Shi.
Ms Wong press closer look at the purchase of two packages of "unification" and "Old Tan pickled beef noodles," and found only a slightly different packaging, one can recognize the same brand of instant noodles taste the same, just marked on the outer corner of the bread weight, one is 90 grams and the other is 85 grams, and a production date is July 25, 2010, and the other is 7 September 2010.
Subsequently, the reporter visited the city several supermarkets and found that in the sale of instant noodles on the shelves, many brands of instant noodles that have emerged in the "price change component shrink", and while the bread component of the rate of decrease of 5 grams to 10 gram range.
The "Master Kong" bottled "braised beef noodles" for example, in August the production of bread is 90 grams, in September became the production of bread 85 grams, the weight of bread and two different instant noodles, actually put mixed in the same shelf sales. "85 grams of the goods first entered today, we did not notice the changes, price strip are the same, we are on a shelf on the." City east of thousands of Ke Long supermarket staff said.
In addition, supply and marketing in the east of the supermarket, "unity" Cong Bao beef noodles, "Master Kong" Snow Shoot pork noodles, "Fumanduo" a bowl of fragrant variety of instant noodles, braised beef noodles, also appeared bread "downsizing" situation. "The recent purchase, that is the status of instant noodles." Supply and marketing staff of the supermarket told reporters that several brands in the taste of the more popular clients instant noodles, bread has a different degree of "shrink", but the price has not changed.
According to another supermarket purchase officers said that at present all raw materials prices, labor costs also increased, and thus the cost of instant noodle companies can not stand the pressure can only price, but considering the price sensitivity of consumers, smart companies will In this way the price change component has shrunk to reduce costs.
Reporter found that shrinking the instant case, most people did not know. "When you buy instant noodles, generally less concerned about weight, just choose packaging, so manufacturers secretly reduced the weight of bread, gives the impression that defraud consumers." Mr. Liu is that people shopping in the supermarket, in fact, does not care about this prices of a few cents, but this disguised price hikes, it is indeed uncomfortable.


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