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Chaguan growth process with barcode known Tea

Brush Brush Caddy a price strip on the screen immediately displays of tea "growing blog," pictures show how a fertilizer, pesticides, weeding, harvesting, production, testing, tea producing area, pesticide inspection reports at a glance. The near future, this "image of tea production logging system" will be used on the tea industry in Fujian province.
Yesterday, organized by the China Zhi Gong Party Central Committee, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, Fujian Province, China Zhi Gong Dang strait science and technology forum hosted by the Authority held in Fuzhou. Taiwan experts in the field of advanced manufacturing, and entrepreneurs gathered to reach a consensus on cooperation, both sides signed a total of 20 scientific and technological cooperation projects, the total contract amount of nearly 1.8 billion, "the tea growing blog" is one of the project
It is reported that the system has been a project to support science and technology departments in Fujian Province and Zhangzhou Pinghe on the use of white tea buds Chelan. This and the Zhangzhou a company contracted by the company responsible for promotion in Fujian. Expected in the future will be extended to Tieguanyin tea on.
The system is the invention of the magic of Digital Information Co., Ltd. Taiwan General Manager Daniel Ng. He said the technology sector subsidies to promote Taiwan's agricultural projects, farmers are installed with only the software on the phone, and then in the tea growing and production of various important node in the photo, the software will automatically transfer pictures to the data center, prepared for the archives. These pictures become a tea producing area, is the most direct evidence of organic cultivation. He said that not only is the tea, has been developed, the system can also be applied to fruits, vegetables, and other categories, on farming production. With the "Growth blog", the public agricultural products, "the predecessor of present and" well known to eat up more confidence.
Yesterday's forum, there manufacturing experts from both sides, scholars and entrepreneurs and representatives of more than 300 people attended the opening ceremony, both sides 6 guests around the "advanced manufacturing and industrial design" theme, presentation and exchange.

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