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Chicken with electronic "id"

September 3 day morning, shandong big CAI animal husbandry of President of limited company of CaiFuTao told reporters: "after this, our chicken you trust to eat." Because, this is, the company invested more than 2 million yuan, the construction of food safety traceability system - chicken safe traceablity project, was the first in the industry.
"Food safety traceability system" has reductive products production, the processing, the sale of the whole process of the function, it is through the information technology to achieve meat "breeding -- -- -- raising slaughter processing -- -- -- frozen retail distribution -- table" whole process each link traceable and traceability to ensure products supply chain every link of information accuracy.
Big CAI CaiFuTao introduction, the chairman of animal husbandry traceability project application, chicken with electronic "id". Every body has a price strip chickens, even into the supermarket, but only in a scanning barcode, customer occurences in supermarket installation computer, can query to chicken from hatching, breeding, acquisitions, signs, rail, rotary slaughter inspection, all relatived inspections to weighing, division, frozen sales links such as entire process. Now people eat chicken chicken feed, afraid of increasingly cautious feed, bird flu's hidden danger of hormone, etc. Mount the traceability system, if you think the chicken has a problem, can check and find out what's wrong, according to the barcode trace.
In the big CAI animal husbandry company operation of the traceability system of hatch plant, the system administrator DuMan by computer got reporters see: "this batch of into the hatch of 50,000 selectin, selectin source, into the hatch time, as well as the breeding process at different stages in temperature, humidity, turn over time, as the eggs egg time, give cheeper time, were detailed record." Hatch, HanXian intelligence in the workshop YiTaiTai roadway hatch machine in orderly rows, workers took a hand ChiJi according to the price strip, and hatching machine humidity, temperature and frequency etc toghter credited to turn eggs of a computer.
At present, the major CAI animal husbandry and 16th and group cooperation, new RouShiJi slaughtered on the production line, formed feed production, ZhongQin breeding, aquaculture, meat processing one-stop production, make chicken safe traceablity system can more fully play a role. They are working with the jinan ginza, German supermarket consultation, such as 100 tracing system built into a supermarket, thusrealizes "from farmers to the table" food safety monitoring.







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