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Jinzhong Yuci seized a number of fraudulent use of barcode quality supervision of food

Recently, Jinzhong City Bureau of Quality Supervision Yuci Branch Office, law enforcement officers to conduct inspections on the Yuci found in a supermarket , the store is selling a company , Beijing, Taiyuan branch of millet and egg fried rice crust grams volumes were 140 g , two packaging marked with the price strip number for the 692XXXXXXX021. The company produces different attributes of extruded food products marked on its packaging bar codes are the same, serious violations of the " Product Bar Codes , " second paragraph of Article 1 " of any unit or individual may use the product packaging impersonate other barcode products Bar code " regulations. The survey found that , 692XXXXXXX021 goods bar code system that the company's volumes registered egg crisp bar code , for the convenience of the company , the two kinds of properties and prices of different but the same number of grams of food to share the same bar code , there is fraudulent use of bar behavior .
Yuci Branch of Quality Supervision Inspection team captain , said Hui-Min Liu , barcode identification information is a commodity , a commodity , " identity card " , is the circulation of commodities in the domestic market, " common language "and unique. It is ordered by a set of rules that article , the composition of air and its corresponding character representation of a certain commodity identification information to said commodity producers, trade names , vendors and other product information , including the Standard Edition product bar code and the shortened version of commodities Bar code . Proper use of the product bar code is successfully entered the domestic corporate goods supermarket prerequisite business foundation management and marketing automation . However, the characteristics of this case and all essentially the same price strip violation cases ; are for convenience, into the same grams , different tastes , different names , the same price of commodities share a bar code .
Bar Code in violation of any inconvenience or distress to the consumer , on the normal order of market economy would be affected. Through this inspection, and further promote the " Product Bar Codes " , enhanced bar code operator awareness of the law , and good results.
Next, Yuci Branch will strengthen the product quality supervision and inspection of bar code , bar code violations against goods , to ensure product quality bar codes to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and consumers .







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