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Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province to implement bar code management is not going through the motions cylind

recently , from Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province Quality Supervision Bureau, Zhenjiang City, a bottle of 1 yard to the full implementation of the gas cylinder monitoring mode , price strip into a cylinder of " identity . "
Cylinders is the production , living and hotels (restaurants ) and other crowded setting with extensive use of flammable , explosive , toxic and other dangerous large pressure vessel . Cylinder manufacture, use , transport, filling and distribution of such links are likely an accident. As part of the cylinder property using units , filling one-sided pursuit of economic interests of the inspection unit , the law and , some have not followed , resulting in filling scrap bottles, expired bottles , renovation waste gas cylinders are not filled after the implementation of inspection system , safety Failure protection device failure or lack of safety facilities are not in place ; individual gas distribution point and the individual vendors or the document management , fire procedures are not complete , secretly poured gas and other phenomena occur , gas cylinder safety accidents, the death toll remains high, Seriously affect people's lives and property. To this end , Jiangsu Province, Zhenjiang City, safety committee will include gas cylinder safety special rectification action 2010 production safety an important part . According to statistics, Zhenjiang City in the use of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders of 43 million, strengthening the safety management is important .
Barcode management help to regulate the cylinder register , filling , inspection , utilization, and clarify responsibilities , enhance traceability . Because the bar code number for the code segment is a group of filling units , the installation of bar code by the test unit is responsible for , and if found illegal filling , testing and use of abandoned cylinders , cylinder refurbishment , it is easy to find the responsible unit . In addition, the implementation of bar code management can improve the effectiveness of the registration cylinder , standard filling before and after the inspections and enhance the filling of the authenticity of records . The city of Zhenjiang Bureau of Quality Supervision requirements for filling the LPG unit on July 1 this year to be fully implemented price strip management . In addition, it will strictly regulate the filling behavior, crack down on illegal filling behavior . " China Quality Daily "








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