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Manchuria Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out special inspections barcode

Manzhouli price strip to regulate the use and management, recently , Manzhouli Quality and Technical Supervision in the autonomous region , led by experts in standardized hospital in the city within the four major supermarkets and more than 20 pharmacies, health food stores , cosmetic shops A special inspection of goods bar code , focusing on inspection of food , wine, cosmetics , home appliances, pharmaceuticals and health care supplies dozens of bar code products use .
Through two days of special examination revealed that most companies in good condition , but also individual supermarkets , pharmacies varying degrees of Shangpin bar code is not standardized questions: First, counterfeit goods bar code; second impersonation bar code ; third is to use the product bar code has been written off ; Fourth, " two yards , one product " , that manufacturers of goods have been marked barcode , but the dealer store code must be added .
Manchuria Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection law enforcement officers on the problems found were corrected one by one , and according to the law on fraudulent , forged , using the write-off bar code registration and preservation of goods were all there , " bar problem " of the goods being ordered off the shelf storage , Provide the goods to be sold after the bar code certificate . Dealers also ordered to establish a sound purchase inspection system to check on the barcode comparison, there is the problem of price strip products , does not allow sales . Checking the same time, law enforcement officers on site to operators of national publicity of the product bar code standards, explained the basics of bar code products , coding principles , commodity procurement chain store code bar code quality control and proper use , improve operator Specification using the product bar code understanding.
The special inspection of goods bar code to further promote the " Product Bar Codes "and other laws and regulations , clean up the market , safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers .







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