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Boxes of tea known tea bar code attached growth process

Brush tea price strip on the screen immediately display tea "Growth blog " , a pictures showing how to fertilization, pest , weed , pick , produce, test , tea producing area, agricultural residues report at a glance . The near future, the " tea video production log system " will be used on the tea industry in Fujian Province .
Yesterday, organized by the China Zhi Gong Party Central Committee , the Provincial Science and Technology Department , Fujian Province, China Zhi Gong Dang strait science and technology forum hosted by the Committee held in Fuzhou . Experts in the field of advanced manufacturing sides , and entrepreneurs gathered to reach a consensus on cooperation , both sides signed a total of 20 scientific and technological cooperation projects , the total amount of nearly 1.8 billion contract , " tea growing blog " is one of the project .
It is reported that the system has been a project to support science and technology departments in Fujian Province and Zhangzhou Pinghe on the use of white tea buds Chelan . This and the Zhangzhou a company contracted by the company responsible for promotion in Fujian . Expected , and will be extended to Tieguanyin tea on .
The system is the invention of the magic of digital information Co., Ltd. Taiwan General Manager Wu Zhicheng . He said the technology sector subsidies from the government of Taiwan 's agricultural projects , farmers are only Xu Yaozai phones are installed with the software , then the tea Sheng Zhang , Sheng Chan 's Ge Ge important node camera , the software automatically will transmit images to data center, in the archives. These pictures become a tea producing area, is the most direct evidence of organic farming . He said that not only the tea, after development , the system can be applied to fruits , vegetables, and other categories , on farming production . With the "Growth blog , " the public on agricultural products , " the predecessor of present and future , " well known to eat up more confidence .
Yesterday's forum , there manufacturing experts from both sides , scholars and entrepreneurs and representatives of more than 300 people participated in the opening ceremony , the two sides six guests around the " advanced manufacturing and industrial design "theme, presentation and exchange .







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