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My baby home " rations "upgrade Rights

Yangyang mother said , Yang Yang was the original drink another brand milk powder , yellow in color , not even powder , milk powder is difficult to bubble open , and the bubbles are more baby more dry stool . Edison later changed after milk , milk powder particles more uniform , it is easy to brew , and is not lit , baby stool are normal. Reporters ask the experts , the experts said: "The real fresh milk and milk powder compared to Chen Huo , color, odor , and solubility is not the same . "
Experts say milk powder imported milk with imported differentiated , milk to be installed to distinguish with the points . " called ' imported milk ' is a big multi- powder -packing of the importing country , it is possible in the process of transportation and storage of some problems and improve the secondary contamination. so ' original imports ' very important, it can To ensure the quality of fresh security. "
Edison base formula milk in the Netherlands detect substandard milk powder directly by standardized treatment , especially fresh . In addition , every link and every process , both through computer scanning bar codes , online monitoring of product quality status . If protein content is not up to excessive amount of microbes and other abnormalities , and milk will be automatically blocked . The entire production process , rigorous management of SAP systems , price strip control . Edison each tank milk , and even has a unique " identity . " Committed to safety for your baby to find high-quality fresh milk , Edison advocacy, milk powder brands and manufacturers in all sectors should be transparent , so that consumers have more right to know. Only by understanding the consumer more, the choice of the milk powder was more confident .







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