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Most supermarket away from the " Set Action "

Linyi September 24 newspaper News of Commerce recently released a Guoneishoubu retail food safety practice for " the safe operation of standard supermarket food , "from mining , inspection , storage , production , sales, merchandise processing issues , and management of the supermarket food Made clear that security . Today, Linyi City, supermarkets reporter found that the majority of supermarkets from the " norm " is wholly lacking.
This morning, the city 's investigation found that several large supermarket , supermarkets usually sell cooked food at the edge of the counter  Put a cutting board , the consumers need to change knives when stewed meat and cooked food , the staff on the chopping block on the cut is completed, get a pack of plastic bags , and then marked with the price strip . According to the " standard " requirements of customers in the supermarket to buy braised pork and other cooked food , the need to cut small, the work must go into a separate operating room operation .
It is understood that the "norms "also provides direct access to imported food supermarket operator , in addition to normal cleaning and disinfection , but also demands on the toilet , after handling raw food , after coughing, sneezing or blowing nose , ears and other body touch Site must wash hands after . Reporter in People's Square to see a nearby supermarket , cooked food operators wear masks to chin , and some can not be bothered wearing ; an operator side of dough side handyman , from time to time by hand stroked the hair , not washing hands grasping finished cloth Went dough ... ...
During the interview, Mr. Chen told reporters that members of the public , supermarkets in the current issue of the existence of a variety of foods , consumers have a lot , the departments are now able to put such a "norm" , he felt necessary .
But many supermarket staff said that the " norm "in some of the requirements are too harsh , and they are difficult to understand . Yimeng Road, a supermarket staff told reporters that the "norms " provided for the " cold food sales to complete within 4 hours "unless holiday, in peacetime it is almost impossible.







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