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Higher than ordinary eggs twice "green eggs" green

The prices are higher than normal eggs twice more "green eggs" now more and more popular. But many consumers even s all don't know, "green eggs" true identity, while in buying loft-bed, sells in loft-bed -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -
"Green eggs" green in where?
"Background" version in wuchang a more reporter interviewed large supermarket random 10 consumers, none of "green eggs can accurately tell where the" green "". A middle-aged woman tells a reporter, she has been bought this year "green eggs", the salesman told her, "is the" green eggs under special light chicken, quality absolutely relieved.
"Green eggs" why so expensive? Clerk are introduced, the "green eggs" airlifted from abroad, of course very expensive.
Reporter discovery, at the store selling small boxes "green eggs," except in each put a little green label eggs, only written in price strip "green" two characters, about the origin, dealers, commodity information, have introduced. Green eggs are "green" hubei green food and local office of experts to tell a reporter, "green eggs" is actually made no edible contains chemical additive chicken unripe egg.
It wants to "green eggs" title, manufacturers must first "green" application for local environmental monitoring, inspection agency by qualified, be submitted to the green food development center, and once again. When they reach the standard of green food, was allowed to use "green eggs" sign.
According to introducing, at present the market "green eggs in hubei province is homebred eggs," is more local or shanxi, dalian, etc.
"Green" the concept of "green abuse provincial experts do", told reporters on the market at present the self-proclaimed "green food" and "green food" and "organic", the concept of product more and more. Some ordinary eggs, with a green label, worth. Some genuine "green eggs", and the "green" wantonly exaggerated.
In addition, river and a market eggshell color slants green eggs. This kind of "green shell eggs" because of the special chicken feed, and it is not particularly of nutrition, but some of its food they tend to exaggerate the sellers. This kind of "green eggs and approved by the state of" green eggs "also has difference, consumer should pay attention to identify.
Do "green" provincial experts suggest that consumers in purchasing "green eggs", through the "four-in-one" to identify the packing. "Four-in-one" refers to the text, graphics, trademark sign trademark licensing of green food, green food security Numbers of symbol, and use in a product packaging.







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