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Two patients in the same hospital the same fees vary according to CT 80 Project

Two old woman went to hospital for CT, projects, may be charged the difference of 80. Yesterday, who lives in the Liu marble stone to find your old Fifth People's Hospital of Chongqing seek explanation . The hospital late that the problem is the price strip, and return the cost of overcharged 80 .
More than 80 minutes difference between income
"We also do two checks , items, parts are the same, I would be overcharged by 80 yuan. " Liu Qun your say on the 4th morning, she and her neighbors to go with Chen Yun Bi five branches of medical care . CT room at the doctor said today just lower prices , according to the head CT as long as 120. After returning home, Liu found the column on the amount of CT 200 and later the examining Chen Yun Bi has only taken 120.
"We find it strange in the afternoon to ask . The doctor said I use medical insurance card , then do not pass over the price bar code can only be charged according to the original . " Qun your say .
Hospital will refund 80
Yesterday, the reporters and Liu came to city and five homes . Medical clinics Xiezhu Ren said , on the 4th , the hospital received the District Price Bureau of the CT examination to reduce their charges 80 yuan for each notice , the notice of the CT room and the cashier. Medicare patients because Medicare payment center shall pass over the bar code card charges, and the bar was not that this has led to this problem.
In the CT room inspection records , reporters see the morning inspection of the patients do , in front of five or six are charged according to the original price , and Qun Liu was one of you , and Chen Yun Bi happens to be the first to enjoy the benefits of patients .
Finance Liuke Chang said the other day over-collected for CT detection of patient fees , as long as the health insurance card with the receipt and will refund the overcharged money.

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