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Five advantages of modern wardrobe OUMOSHOP

1 . styles and more
Year 1000, a week is expected to launch 20 models , fashion has always been our goal to pursue high-quality outfit , and create fashion trends , to large -earth prices, physical stores to maintain 500 styles at any time inside a single product to crush treasure . Beauty and carefully, so you spend the least money can buy wholesale real easy to take single items to wear . With creative and easy to become leader of fashion icon !
2 . fast
OUMOSHOP modern wardrobe sensitive supply chain system , greatly improved OUMOSHOP modern wardrobe of lead time . The so-called lead time from design to put the clothing on sale at the counter of time . Domestic garment industry is generally 6 to 9 months , the international brand name to the 120 days normally , while the shortest OUMOSHOP modern wardrobe is only 14 days , usually 21 days. ZARA in Spain in recent years, Sweden's H & M is strung with rapid speed , beat the traditional clothing manufacturers, such as the United States, GAP, Japan's UNIQLO .
According to the statistics did not sell good clothing production depreciation of 7% a day , so even a few years ago could not sell last year 's inventory goods , the supplier also had to recognize compensation popped up 9 per commodity circulation to the general store or a vegetable market sales . We insist on not selling someone else can not sell the inventory goods .
3 . stock less
Stock is corporate evil , but also clothing of sin , because we style more than the year 1000 is expected to launch fashion models , so do not order many of each item , even if makes mistakes Ye no inventory pressures , the amount of each of a fashion Not much . Even the best-selling models , only the number of limited supply , so stores in a style only a few pieces , sold out, no need for replenishment . Every week we will be equipped with new goods to you.
4 . economies of scale
OUMOSHOP modern wardrobe is now the city is divided into class and join the Direct category . Beijing is the base for personnel training ; Guangzhou is a modern wardrobe OUMOSHOP supply-chain base and logistics center. Mainly to these two bases , Dongnanxibei balanced development. Point line connected partition into blocks . Been completed between the block and the block interface , the national distribution . In addition , OUMOSHOP modern wardrobe will also play the characteristics of chains that make key breakthroughs in one area . 2009 Hohhot first OUMOSHOP modern wardrobe in Jiamao square opening, sales soared , so relief agencies signed Hohhot 5 OUMOSHOP year contract modern wardrobe stores and the company 's other design Master C & J is also the brand in November this year in Hohhot Hoi Leung grand square sail .
5 . the value of information is the key to the future success of garment industry information quickly and effectively
We deeply know this truth. Therefore, immediate release of our brand in the company's official news Web , the garment industry POS systems, commodity price tag printed with price strip , with the stores cash register system which can be good inventory management , the right to open chain stores Asked people to the store 's clothing store owner is the key.


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