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Original 68 per student package promotional price of 69.8 yuan this price confuse the public

"activities than the original price of why the more expensive the one eight ? " on the 20th , members of the public Ms. Lee from Hong Kong 's Jusco supermarket Road optimistic about a student package and found this package the original price 68 per labeled , placed in the shelves after the event has become 69.8 yuan price tag ! 25 interview with reporters that , in effect raising prices by discount price cut the price of fraud.
22 Ms. Lee reflects , two days ago , she was in Hong Kong Zhong Road, Jusco supermarket promising a " Cady slave " brand of student bags , price 69.8 yuan , she was ready to checkout to checkout and found , including the two posted Bar code , which actually marked a 68 yuan , Ms. Lee immediately look at the rest of the package shelf and found that many of these packages are marked 68 per .
22, this reporter went to the supermarket to see the shelves still arrayed on the second floor , " Cady slave " brand schoolbags , a big sign on the price is 69.8 yuan . The reporters found that the bar code scan package , including not only the two bar code stickers , bar code below that in the new layer of the old barcode on the size of a bean was pull off the label . Ms. Lee said then that price is 68 dollars in the original label .
Reporter took the bag to the cashier check the price , but found that simply could not hit the old bar code , the cashier explained that the system upgrade , the original bar code obsolete . Reporter contacted the person in charge of this counter , the woman surnamed Ji , said before the start of the brand of bag is this price strip , the reporters when asked about the original cost of the package , Ms. Chi said at first did not know , finally that is 168 .

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