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Supermarket shopping to beware of " top code " Business reminder to open shopping vouchers

Recently, Fujian hotline received daily livelihood of the people reflected in the supermarket have been claimed to buy good merchandise at the cash register during checkout no matter how the bar code scanning , cashiers at this time for the easier route to Get a price similar to other commodities " for the sweep , " about a result, the product should not enjoy the " three guarantees "service.
This reporter has learned that the price of other goods using the same price strip label replacement of the phenomenon called " top code " , after payment in the supermarket " top code " product really easy to the difficult problem encountered Rights . For the " top code "phenomenon , a supermarket executives , the explanation given is that " top code " phenomenon is generally more common electronic products sold in almost every supermarket will be a similar problem . Because more types of electronic products , are more frequent replacement , and sometimes impossible to have a bar code corresponding pieces of items . But because the product itself will be equipped with a warranty card, manual or the like, so if a problem occurs , the counter will be to solve .
In this connection , the reporter visited the city of 12,315 complaints and reports, command center , staff said , usually very few people go to the supermarket shopping invoices , purchase small consumer votes will become the only evidence , and as " top code " small shop selling goods Tickets with the purchase of goods does not match , it is very likely to supermarkets and consumers can not enjoy does not recognize the "three guarantees" of the situation . Therefore, the public in the supermarket shopping experience goods if no payment or scan bar codes on the bar code is not the case , the best is to ask the supermarket staff to replace another section of goods with a payment . Meanwhile, the shopping should be carefully checked after the payment of small ticket and the compatibility of the purchased goods , if found that " top code " situation should be able to request manual fill supermarket shopping vouchers issued , indicating the correct product information, protect their rights in order to avoid future disputes .


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