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Perfect retail storm

Chen Yunling (Jenny) also found a wonderful line of online interaction . Jenny is a blog site BlogBus the CPO ( Chief Public Relations Officer ), responsible for the company's marketing and public relations management . Prior to this , Jenny little knowledge of the Web2.0 .
Jenny to BlogBus when this blog site is for Shanghai General Motors to provide certain advertising creative services , which let 's the Buick LaCrosse cars "Chinese gentleman "image as more familiar . BlogBus use of Web2.0 "content from students " feature , the site had launched a "China a Man VS foreign gentleman " of the discussion , and one called "What I gentleman boyfriend > a chapter of the drama script Collection of stories in the online open public ideas ; Correspondingly, drama performances , they have an "open role " , no one can get through the blog click the top competition opportunities for this role . "A lot of people active online discussion ' gentleman 'in the definition and elements ,??and through the drama of the online line interaction , if these people seen elsewhere Buick Jun Yue 's advertising , we must Gengyou. "Jenny said, .
" Consumers want access to a different shopping experience . In view of changing consumer habits , the vendor or retailer to re- ask this question - why they come to my shop spending ? "Karen said , "You Shenyang, a retailer , they Laying track in the store , consumers can sit in the shopping cart to shop , select goods . This is a new experience , a lot of people feel very happy shopping there , because the environment is different . Europe without a retail store to provide a manual Intelligence scales . You can buy your fruit or vegetables you want on the scales , it can automatically tell you what fruit on top , what vegetables , while prices of price strip to print . "
However , manufacturing experience , also means that retailers or the company's marketing director , need to convince management to new investment .


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