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How many supermarkets are playing pretty

After the supermarket to buy food and often find the computer name of the goods of small ticket purchased item with their name does not match , or unit is "increase" or weight to be " elevated . " Supermarkets are interested in whether or not to do this play transmission of the disease , caused by the opaque and gave consumers felt cheated . Hope that the relevant departments to enhance supervision and reduce the price on the phenomenon of distorted facts , so that people consume visions. Miss Cheng
Investigation by the reporter : the price tag pretty phenomenon , many customers have encountered . Yang, Yu Garden District , a major supermarket in the Ma On Shan Road to buy some shrimps , small home and found the computer to print the ticket was actually dried eel , priced "high" , and the weight of "less " a ; Ma in Paradise Park Come across a nearby supermarket is a similar situation , bread became the " cake " , mushrooms became a " fungus "; Green Villa Chen uncle in the co-operative way a good pear Want Want supermarket specials , the price is 2 yuan per kilogram , Home computer can be found in small print on the unit price ticket is still 2.9 yuan , that he cheated several times to find the supermarket representations , then finally figure out , it was in the supermarket to the "borrowing" means the price of bar code requirements ... ...
Yesterday afternoon, this reporter went to visit some supermarkets . Kau Wah Shan Jia Jia Jie in the supermarket , a variety of tea bags tea dazzling exhibition , packaged . But what is surprising is that tea bag packaging even when bar codes , but were made of paper with the supermarket side up labels , supermarket labels then the name of tea , weight and price marked up again . Eight pick up a bag of tea , bar code packing concealed behind the price of supermarket own name on the label affixed to actually to " Chrysanthemum Huizhou film " , the weight difference of almost double the actual weight , unit price is fog cloud people Ruzhui Ri . Huizhou Huangya bag behind the label says " Huang Shan Mao Feng "name , so the product unit price to no way of knowing . In the fresh area with a good variety of dishes to be placed in the freezer , it is puzzling is that different materials, packaging side dishes are labeled " abstract "tag , either main ingredient is vegetable side dishes , snow Fish eggs or meat dishes , all named "× × clean vegetables . " The most interesting is that something called " Tiger down " the side dishes even the banner of " Shuanghui fat "tag name .
Goodwill in Huangshan intersection excellent supermarket sugar bags packed orange and orange , Nan Fung is a compelling tribute , but a price tag you will see a shock , and some name is " grape " , and some names A "black Brin " , people confused ; in drinks area, bags of packaged tea, chrysanthemum , Chinese wolfberry , rock sugar and lemon are unified named " tea " , these drinks are not your own name And real unit price, the consumer is difficult to determine whether the purchase expensive . Su Linquan Road in the supermarket fruit , side dishes priced area "by substituting "phenomenon more , such as: hairtail block , Mao fish, shrimp and packaging are printed with " birds "on the dry sub with meat is the banner of " leek yellow Bean sprouts , " the words .
In the interview , the reporter also found that there is some supermarket price of the deficiencies in the Huangshan intersection supermarket freezer in a variety of packaged rice balls , but the price strip can not find a license , customers pay only after that " longing "Brand price ratio , " Amauri "brand and so much more expensive , but had searched freezers have not seen any " missing "brand unit . In Mengcheng Road, Ma On Shan Road , Kau Wa Shan and other supermarkets , there are special prices "back spaces ", but the price tag is misleading consumers with the information phenomenon .

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