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His position occupied 210,000 of public funds

Reported that the supermarket , the 14 companies were found Shimonoseki deceived a large supermarket . Six months later , Lee was arrested. After review, from April 2006 to May 2007 , the Li Haoli use it as a unit of business buyers , contrary to unit financial requirements to fight a receipt or sign an additional protocol service provider sponsored by the name , has received 14 units The slotting allowance and bar code fee ( the price of goods price strip printing costs) Total 218,900 yuan . Of which 200,900 yuan was squandered Lee eat, drink .
Shimonoseki, a large supermarket in the relevant provisions of that supplier to pay the various costs should in principle be withheld account special circumstances, access to cash handed stores (ie, supplier deliveries Station) . Procurement staff in principle to allow access to cash . And Lee working in the supermarket , there is no access to some of the accounts provided by the company 's procedure, the cash in the collection of suppliers , they do not come to office through the company 's accounts .
Account , according to Lee , he occupied the first money in April 2006 , when his wine marketing company received a slotting allowance 4000 yuan , it all stayed . Since then , the unit has been no movement , no one is looking for his "trouble , " Lee claimed that this secrecy , they increasingly bold up . Among them, the largest occurred in August 2006 , is a wine company money. At that time the company 30,000 yuan to the supermarket slotting allowance , handled by the Lee , but Lee has not submitted to the supermarket all the money , but paid a 20,000 yuan to Jiangning store , kept some 10,000 yuan . Later , this wine company has gradually turned over to a supermarket bar code fees, display fees of 5 million, were Lee for ourselves . Suppliers of these Jiaoliao Qian did not go through the relevant admission procedures , and some companies can successfully enter the store sales , some companies do not enter . And Lee , after the got the money , and no further services for suppliers .


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