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Quality as the support , " Edison " cost-effective win

First, the milk . Edison milk powder milk in the Netherlands, home of the world's milk , where not only has a scarcity of grass , there are purebred Holstein cows at the same time , the Netherlands, pasture management is the world's leading . Dominated by grazing dairy cows feeding , supplementation , supplemented only in the grass to 15 cm long when grazing , forage species every 5-7 will once again turn to a healthy balanced diet , cows fed high-quality mixed- return Feed . The mixed feed is prepared from natural ingredients , and without antibiotics, without output growth agent, does not contain any synthetic additives. Only those with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate of feed companies are permitted to provide mixed feed to the dairy farms . Therefore, the Dutch dairy protein content of raw milk production are more than 3.18% , far higher than the new national standard milk (2.8 %) , and the birth of vitamin B2, B12, carnitine , choline and other natural nutrients are Rich . In addition, the Dutch milk microbiological requirements than the EU limit , a limit of microbial milk less than 100,000 per ml , excellent level of milk was less than 30,000 per milliliter . The domestic milk microbial content in its 20 times!
Second, technology . OEM production of milk for the Edison , the Netherlands has a 130 -year history of the Royal dairy company , ranked one of the world's four major milk production base , representing the current international advanced level of technology. Technology such as milk powder , fresh milk collection good compliance , standardization of treatment by direct spray , especially fresh safety, avoiding any intermediate storage areas and nutrient loss and pollution caused . Quality management, Edison, the whole process of production formula , using SAP system management , price strip control . Every link and every process , have to be scanned by the computer bar code , online monitoring of product quality status . Edison formula for each tank , must go through milk production and canned three test pass , are subject to a professional experienced international team of up to six weeks of testing , almost demanding full -line testing procedures .
Third, the formula . Edison formula , refer to the FAO / WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) to formulate recommended standards, and China, the latest national food safety standard formula , a senior child-care experts invited to China , according to Chinese characteristics and China's milk nutrients Baby feeding characteristics of infants and young children against the Chinese characteristics of the design of physical and nutritional formula . Wahaha " Edison " infant formula milk powder, milk powder imported genuine in its class , the highest cost .


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