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Some commodity prices more expensive than the discount before

near the Spring Festival , the store operator to actively seize the opportunities , discount promotions uncommon . But part of the business they are playing a discount transmission of the disease , will increase further discount the original price of goods , and finally selling more expensive than the original price .
Miss Xiao received the public 's call , saying a well-known in the digital street store to play this game. She said she bought a few pieces of clothing store , a look back only to find a price tag on each of the above and more are posted at the original price of a bar code , price strip written on the price , but the tear bar a look , you will find original clothes were Man-made changes , carefully identified , was found at the present bar code on the discount price , discounted price of some more expensive than the original price .
Later, reporters received a tip lines to shop , see a big discount store ads stuck out . The customer 's capacity to see into the shop clothes and found indeed, as Miss Xiao said, the original price on every price tag have posted a price bar code , the reporters tear bar , he discovered the black ink on the original traces of changes , even the tear 4 true . Reporter asked the store salesperson her here, the clothes are in the original price on the discount , a discount to what time it is the manufacturer of unified action , a salesperson said that the original price on the discount , as is not the manufacturer of unified action , discounted to the time It should listen to the boss , they do not know.
Later, Miss Xiao manufacturer with the brand of contact , manufacturers Chen , This store was illegal operations , they have not that kind of price, manufacturers said they would order the return Miss Xiao store losses and let the owner Jinkuai on All the goods inside the shop price correction .
Shop will correct , we will continue to monitor and remind the general public to buy discounted goods at the time, that many an eye , not on the bad operators when .

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