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Carrefour reported fictional original again

Businesses cut prices to attract customers rather eye can cut prices before the " original "is how many customers , such as smoke and mirrors . However, the purists Mr. Gu Kehuang report Hankou Carrefour store building , " original fiction " , caused by the price department store in July was sentenced to a fine of 50,000 yuan , yesterday reported anther 27 stores and build Carrefour store " original "alleged false price .
July 29 this year , Mr Wong came to Hankou Carrefour 27 stores, see the " Globe Trekker " 330 ml beer in price promotions , the price marked on the original price tag of 3.2 yuan, current price of 2.5 yuan, lower prices in 2010 during the 7 27 to August 4, 2010 . Mr Wong was wondering is that the supermarket in July 14 to 26 have this one kind of beer markdowns , original standard was 2.6 yuan, sales price of 2.5 yuan .
In addition , Mr. Huang was found at the Carrefour store building , the store paid advertising posters and entrance hall , said , cling film , kitchen appliances, storage bag and do the audience break markdowns 9 , activity time for the July 27, 2010 to 2010 8 4th. Which handle the commodity stainless steel teaspoon and Kelin Lai fresh wave 25cm price tag on the bags , marked prices 9 per 3.9 yuan and the staff said it was the final price after 9 fold . Mr Huang was informed that the same price strip of the merchandise markdowns within seven days before the event sold 3.9 yuan and 6.8 yuan . Mr Wong said the evidence he had retained to the riverbank area Price Bureau complaints , building hope Carrefour stores give consumers a statement .
It is understood that in June this year , Mr Wong told the price by the Complaints , Carrefour store sales of aluminum construction toy airplanes, original price 199 yuan, 129 yuan at current prices , doubts about its original price . Wuhan City Price Bureau survey found that sales in the discount week before , this toy store in the minimum aircraft were sold for 129 yuan , the label of the " original 199 yuan , " constitute " original fiction " the price of fraud , and 7 Building on the 5th of the Carrefour stores impose a fine of 50,000 yuan .
Mr Wong said he found the relevant laws and regulations , within one year of the price by two or more administrative penalties , but also the occurrence of similar price behavior , price is a serious offense ; such acts should be punishable by confiscation of illegal gains and impose illegal income 3 to 5 times the penalty ; no illegal gains , a fine of 350,000 to 500,000 yuan fine , ordered to suspend business for rectification, or revoke the business license administrative department for industry and commerce .


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