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Supplier is your friend , not competitors

Limited Brands, the U.S. (Limited Brands) in Asia, Hong Kong garment manufacturer Li & Fung Group, a bold proposal : the price tag and bar code by the Li & Fung , completed its limited brand clothing retail before entering the final processing . Limited Brands, as senior management , you will accept this proposal?
70s of last century , Hong Kong Li & Fung Group, its partner in the Limited Brands, the U.S. production of clothing found in the course of their full swing in the month, driven out of the clothes are sent through the U.S. headquarters, often in half the time to Various retail outlets , " appearance "in half a month 's time, the headquarters staff is only the completion of clothing price tags and bar code of the post , but this simple task been confused somewhat cumbersome , because they want to package Open Box boxes , each box into a piece of clothing removed .
Li & Fung After the study, presented the brand new co-operation with the limited ways: by air instead of sea , for the United States working in various retail outlets, sorting factory Li & Fung is responsible for the completion of production , when production of finished garments in different sizes , price tags and Mary would be hung , clothes can be sent directly to retail stores in the United States . Price tag and price strip by the limited brands .
Program 1 , Limited Brands, senior management of the Group have questioned the price bar code to the Li & Fung , Li & Fung Limited Brands will sell clothing -sale prices and very understanding, Limited Brands, may lose control of the channel .
However, the Limited Brands Chairman and CEO Wisner and adopted in favor of Li & Fung 's suggestion, believing that suppliers should be viewed as his friend , "Your suppliers are your friends and not competitors , you should Thinking how to prepare for and deal with their suppliers spend time thinking on how to deal with your competitors . "
Li & Fung Limited has adopted the recommendations of the brand , not only effectively reduce the garment from the production to the shelves of the time , but also significantly reduce the company's management costs.


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