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Scale hit the supermarket is a technology live

" The key is to remember to play scales and commodity code of goods . Her head is a commodity code machine , as long as a glimpse of merchandise , his mind would be " shabu " to pop out of the price strip , never wrong, the supermarket every time She held the winning game play balance . " Yao with the apprentice should be fire Qin Ling-Ling pointed around the other two new staff told us , "We three are not worth her one . "
Fire in a supermarket to see Yao play piano scales , the customer not to him, and had to see their hands in the bag , took it after a glance which of the goods , then seal the bag , on the electronic platform scales , right hand , " da da da " Pressing the number key in the electronic scale , the first peel ( the weight of plastic bags ), then enter the product code to calculate prices ; then to scale the bar code label platform to spit out the bag , and finally to the customer , 67 seconds of the time These actions flowed , there have been no hesitation pause .
Snack foods , rice, South goods , eggs, sweets , cakes and jellies , bulk commodities District Total 7 categories more than 1200 kinds of commodities , each commodity there is a commodity code , each code is composed by the four Arabic numerals , Yao Qin really fire Remember all the product code ?
We would like to try to play piano scales Yao fire speed and accuracy , picked at random in bulk district bagging 14 commodities , including rice, two kinds of bulk , "Northeast long-grain rice "and" Xiang ju rice "in appearance Very similar , it is difficult identification .


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