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Import cheap supermarket wine sales just around the main push hundred dollars cheaper wine

Yesterday, Mr. Zhang Wenzhou people in urban areas Century Lianhua Supermarket to buy a bottle of imported French wine red . Now , in addition to various types of imported wine stores , various supermarkets have launched counter imported wines , priced at 100 yuan and the pushing up and down the main red wine . The staff of the supermarket , compared to last year , sales of imported wine increased by 50% . Industry, the supermarkets, the introduction of cheap imported wines are also beneficial to the table quickly into the public .
United 's equity interest in shop in the century, see , Chile , France, Italy, and imported wines everywhere . Salesperson introduced , including a farm in France, a price of 108 yuan for red is most popular . "If your drink , then many people will choose the price at 100 yuan or so of imported wines . " salesperson said that such a good wine quality and price easy to swallow . According to industry sources , imports of wine before the supermarkets to 300 yuan more than the Lord, and are generally Gift Box . Now, the introduction of more and more supermarkets cheap imported wine , but mainly to paperback . In addition, the hundred best-selling imported wine , also from the expansion of wine consumers , drinking red wine, a large group of customers trying to become the main consumer .
Strong Sales of wine in supermarkets hundred dollars , while the price of a thousand dollars or even million of wine in Wenzhou, a very popular major Shark Museum . Lu Pu , a Shark next person in charge of the museum , many customers will be the point when consumption of red wine bottles , the price at 500-5000 yuan.
Insiders advise , imported red wine poured into the market, some of poor quality wine which is also doped . He said that all imported from the regular channels of wine back to a Chinese standard . If only the Chinese back standard, not standard English and back , is a typical domestic bottling wine ; back , if only the English standard, not the Chinese back standard , it may be smuggling alcohol . In addition , consumers can also view the bottle on the international price strip  , bar code in the first three numbers is the product of origin information, such as France 3 begins .


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