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At present domestic most drugs retail commodities to the 13th international items, bar code (as), is a common EAN bar coding way most widely goods from China, the article numbering center issued compulsory use, is mainly used to POS settlement with supervision, tracking flow etc. Function.
And the common commodity code is different, the supervision code is 20, a piece of code that contains a production enterprise name, specification and other information. Once the electronic supervision code implementation, means that some of the drug, and both barcode electronic supervision code.
YuMingDe suggested that in future would consider the electronic supervision code and drug EAN barcode two yards. In general, the commodity code may increase the batch number, date of expiry, such as regulation required information technology and method is currently some. But two of the leading department will merge is not easy, coding system about ten years, "two yards above" never ceased.
Article numbering center of China in 1988, is established by the state council unified organization, coordination, management of the articles coding and automatic identification marking job of the specialized agencies, belonging to aqsiq. This center in April 1991 represents China joined the international association of coding, promote the items of the compulsory EAN barcode.
In 2001, the state drug administration start working, trying to establish drug coding system, solve the bidding code for information, established the national drug standard code for expert committee, and the establishment of China's drug coding office.
At that time, China national regulators Suggestions on items on the bar coding center opens an exclusive EAN HaoDuan drugs used to prepare all the medicines, and finally, due to a variety of resistance. Later, the national regulators begin the national drug standard code, code (including supervision code and classification code) system.
The personage inside course of study thinks, repetitive construction two sets of system is worthy of a couple of yards, merger, is the trend of The Times. Also has the drug agency that enterprises can add in electronic supervision code, such as price information has the function of the settlement, EAN price strip can be replaced.


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