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Plastic year limited Lanzhou environmental awareness and strengthening market picked up shopping bag

Implement the " plastic limit order " is the compensation for the use of plastic shopping bags , is a means of enhancing public awareness of environmental protection , is also set in train the consumer , " less or no " concept of plastic shopping bags , guide and encourage the public to change their shopping habits , Rational use of plastic shopping bags , thereby reducing the amount of plastic shopping bags used to contain the "white pollution " , and promote comprehensive utilization of resources , protection of ecological environment. Hu who lives near West Cross off to never forget to bring their own supermarket shopping bags . "The recent trip to the supermarket to buy pasta , supermarket cash register workers suggested that I change with plastic shopping bags , said the number of times with too many plastic bags did not place a price strip affixed the price . " Hu said with a smile , but he believes that as long as the plastic bag Can use one is a multi-purpose , so can also reduce the number of plastic shopping bag use.
The market in the urban areas , supermarkets , the reporter saw a number of the elderly are carrying reusable shopping bags or cloth bags to buy food , water and soil . "Green , save money , " they love to use cloth bags reason. Interview, the reporter learned that " plastic limit order " to implement , not only the major supermarket plastic shopping bags to reduce use of large vice , while the use of cloth bags , bring their own bags for shopping more and more people , thus reducing the plastic Shopping bag usage. According to media reports related to " plastic limit order " after the implementation , compared with the previous plastic shopping bag use is decreasing and the country consumes 270,000 tons of plastic every year and more than 1.6 million tons of oil equivalent saved . " plastic bag so that " the implementation of , reducing the use of plastic bags , many supermarkets, staff interview , said that within a year , many consumers have cultivated the habit own shopping bag . " Plastic limit order " to improve the public's environmental consciousness has changed people's consumption habits. Many people told reporters that a year from the beginning to the future , will strive to use less or no plastic bags , so that our living environment more green and less white pollution .


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