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"Discount the wind " blowing exposed business "hidden rules"

"Simply a consumer fraud Well, obviously I saw last month, the price is 500 yuan, now turned into more than 700 yuan label , even if a discount than the original Guia ! " chelated iron is a frequent visitor to the department stores , most of Clear about the price of market women , she told reporters yesterday about a recent shopping 's " experience . " "Or stores it , a blend of tenths pants , last month saw the price of more than 530 yuan , the latest label into more than 750 yuan . and if not the promotional period, make a Bazhejiuzhe , these trousers Also more than 420 yuan . Now although the play tickets , but doing we have more than 450 yuan , even more expensive to buy than normal , you gas people? "
Chelated iron that , in the " circle " has long been known as the " hidden rules "one. Some sellers control the price of two or more sets of price strip . A normal sale price tag , but to discount efforts to increase sales season , then turned into another set of tags , seasonal goods relatively short period of adjustment , and most of the people of the shopping cycles and relatively long, so many Most people simply do not know the selling price of goods , naturally they will not understand the transmission of the disease .
A distributor in the garment business agent told reporters that he did not know it inside before the learning , is a teaching experience to his peers . "Most have a price on clothing label , this is a good factory suggested retail price on the set . but these prices are generally attached with adhesive tag on a torn and lost , as long as the re- production batch of the same Code label affixed herd , however , prices have been much higher . This is in response to forced sales and large shopping centers prepared . you know, to jointly sell the point deduction already high , then frequent promotions, each year, almost every Both large and small promotional weekend , plus sharing of advertising costs , etc. , the profit is so low that the poor do not really want to engage in such a dead loss . "


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