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Illegal production of the factory district of the hidden face heavy penalties

Recently, some members of the public information hotline scored Ben Wang ( 2,313,999 ) reflects : Longwan Road Masayoshi district of the south bank of the hidden factory , shop in the living area there is fear of fire and other safety hazards . August 6 , Yibin Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection Detachment law enforcement officers in-depth inspection of the electrical plant and found that there is fraudulent use of the national energy plant marks, theft and other illegal goods price strip problems , will face severe penalties .
In the Masayoshi Community ( 1 ) the center of dam had a 3 -story garden buildings , building production plants and warehouses to be used as workshop and storage used for lighting and other electrical assembly . Factory, a large number of stacked wire , plastic and other combustible materials, according to district property management , this is high Yibin City 100 000 000 Electronics Co., Ltd. factory .
6 am , Yibin Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection Detachment, inspect law enforcement officers into the cell factory . Examination, the production head of his troops and the shareholders pay Xu Hong unable to provide production and sales records , bar code can not provide the certificate , custody of their warehouse sales staff tried to hide the list and price list , to not cooperate with law enforcement inspection .
Reporter then learned from the quality supervision departments , Yibin million high electrical and electronic products company without a valid test report , the factory has no corresponding test equipment and facilities. Its production ( tricolor energy-saving lamps ) the use of "China Energy logo "not to apply the national authoritative institutions .
According to quality supervision of law enforcement personnel, according to relevant state laws, Yibin billion company does not have high quality electrical and electronic equipment, testing facilities , will be punished by a fine of 30,000 yuan ; fraudulent use of the national energy-efficiency labeling , will be sentenced to more than 50,000 yuan , 100,000 yuan Fine .


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