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Baotou City, stole two in the supermarket bar code to steal for the price

Hohhot, June 12 Xinhua Xinhua ( Bai Bing ) Baotou City , two people were using the price of supermarket goods stolen from the bar code for the article , they have replaced more expensive the price strip of cheap goods bar code bar code as a way to muddle through . However, after repeatedly succeeded was eventually seen through the supermarket cashier , two also was arrested for theft .
Baotou City , according to the police, who lives in kundulun Ryu often go to the local area
The Hualian supermarket . In April she was in the supermarket buying a pair of slippers worth more than eight yuan to the checkout payment , because no price bar code , the cashier asked her to go for a pair of slippers with the price bar code for computer identification . Ryu return to office found that there is a price on the shelf 4 yuan over the slippers , so she was not looking to take advantage of supermarket shopping guide , will be 4 yuan over the bar code stickers removed the original 8 yuan in her slippers on . Did not expect actually able to get the time of payment , the cashier did not find any flaws .
The windfall was profitable for Ryu , so on May 3 Zhang and her neighbors came to Hualian Supermarket plans to use this method to steal , the results two to 116 yuan to buy two sets of double price of 360 yuan Embroidery and double summer is winter is to buy two sets of files 50 196 yuan price of one single bed . After the two succeed even further , on May 23 , two went to the Hualian supermarket , using the same method to 97 yuan for the purchase price was 339.5 yuan 's double . As the price gap is too large it attracted the attention of the cashier . Baotou City, a police investigation found that two really stole for the price , and they also confessed their own . Also present further proceedings in the case .

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