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Watch out supermarket shopping " top code " consumer goods is difficult to enjoy the "three guarante

Buy good merchandise at checkout checkout how the code also does not sweep , this time the cashier will often take the easier route and the same on a price of other goods first " for the sweep , " look . Such people often encounter in the supermarket is likely to be due to consumers can not enjoy the " three guarantees "service. Trade and Industry Department reminds the public : " top code " hard goods Rights .
Not long ago, who lives in Tongzhou of her to a supermarket to buy a wireless headset , headset quality problems long before discovery . As the packaging marked only the headphones did not indicate the brand model , Ms Wong pulls out a small supermarket shopping ticket , small ticket purchases to display their own wireless headset is " all Europe "brand . Ms. Huang was with the "European who " made contact manufacturers , factories reply has forced Ms. Huang was shocked : the plant has never produced this type of headphones , can not provide maintenance services. Ms Wong Chau Commerce and Industry Branch immediately dial telephone , reported that supermarket sales of counterfeit goods . 
Trade and Industry survey found that Ms. Huang to buy wireless headset is not counterfeit , but rather a " top code " sale of goods . At that time, Ms. Huang has just purchased a wireless headset shelves , supermarkets have not had time to headset bar code information into the cash register system , and therefore for the time being with the same price , " Europe where " bar code to the Rescue .      
It is understood that if an item in the supermarket cash register system, not registered or updated , the supermarket will sometimes use the same price of other goods bar code label replacement , a phenomenon known as the " price strip . "      
Journalists were asked about a dozen people, and both claim to have encountered this phenomenon. A supermarket executives disclosed to the media , " top code " phenomenon is generally more common electronic products sold in almost every supermarket will be a similar problem . Because more types of electronic products , are more frequent replacement , and sometimes impossible to have a bar code corresponding pieces of items . But because the product itself will be equipped with a warranty card, manual or the like, so if a problem occurs , the counter will be to solve .     
Business , reminds consumers that very few people go to the supermarket shopping invoices , purchase small consumer votes will become the only evidence , and as " top code " small ticket sales of goods and shopping goods purchased does not match , the supermarket is not easy to create Recognition and consumers can not enjoy the "three guarantees" of the situation . Therefore, the best consumer shopping carefully checked after the payment of small ticket and the compatibility of the purchased goods , when the " price strip " situation should be able to request manual fill supermarket shopping vouchers issued , contain the correct product information, so as not to encounter Dispute can not tell .








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