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P&g its tide again be exposed to the QuWuLi is below standard

P&g company is China's largest daily consumer goods company, the greater China area sales of more than $two billion. Float soft, ShuFuJia, olay, suitable for treasure, tide's and Gillette brands in their respective product areas are at the leading market position.


The part to import the milk powder next month greatly raised the price

The part to import the milk powder in next month to raise prices, New Zealand milk powder that raised tariffs to introduce the reason. Recently, the reporter interviewed fuzhou city part of the baby shop and large supermarket, some management of milk powder dealers said, has heard that many brands imported powdered milk rise every next month, has received beauty in support, the yuan and other brand price notice. The personage inside course of study thinks, the price hikes, ticket stripping...

Our country label industry situation and development trend of the analysis

A global label, market situation and development trend

According to TARSUS consulting company survey data show: now the global label consumption has more than 42 billion square meters, the global sales totaled us $73 billion. Among them:


Trade FangPian: export products are tools

Jiangsu port recently been many on exports to the United States goods were transported events. More than a gullible is the medium and small enterprises, these enterprises lack hit international lawsuit knowledge, ability and experience, once deceived from recognize unlucky, make each other more open.


Clean focus: washing health supplies could indicate the composition

Recently, the reporter in xian city several large supermarket see, XiYiYe, clothing nurse agent, soap, etc all of us daily life essential health supplies were not marked its composition. Obviously this is unfair to consumers, household cleaning products 70% contain some chemical substances, a consumer shall have the right to know the purchase of products are safe.


Hangzhou outdoor furniture show big buyer letters: hualian high-quality goods supermarket

March 21, 2012-24, by the China arts and crafts import and export Chambers of commerce of the people's government of zhejiang province, hangzhou and business hall held joint fifth hangzhou international garden,price strip...



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